Wesley L. Shaw

Founder & Executive Director

Wesley L. Shaw is the Founder and Executive Director of LumaPaths Behavioral Services, PLLC. in Virginia Beach, VA. He and his wife Jacqueline started their behavior correction practice because they felt it was the best way to help as many children, adults, and their families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other related disorders as possible. Wesley has been working directly in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for over 15 years now but has been indirectly involved with the autistic community for the better part of his life. His family was a Foster Care family and had several children with autism and other diagnoses living with them in their home, which is where he discovered his true passion for working with this population.

Wesley earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and then went on to attain his Master of Arts degree in Teaching with Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University is Sherman Oaks, CA. He worked for a large ABA company in several different areas in Southern California where he ascended from starting as a Behavior Therapist, to Lead Behavior Therapist, Assistant Supervisor, and Program Supervisor. Wesley went on to earn his Board Certification in Behavior Analysis and is also a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of VA. After moving from CA to VA he was the Behavior Treatment Services Clinical Coordinator for a very large company where he oversaw the management of 2 regional offices. Wesley saw the severe need for quality services here in the state of VA, which is what lead him to start LumaPaths Behavioral Services, PLLC. to provide the best clinical services possible focused on supporting and advancing clients and their families to their fullest potentials. Throughout his career he has worked with children and adults from 18 months to 23 years of age. Wesley’s specialization is with early intervention and he has worked in every setting possible from in-home, clinic, group home, center, school, work training, and community settings with both individuals and groups. He has also developed and administered social skills, play skills, and adaptive skills groups in various settings. Wesley’s goal is to help as many children, adults, and their families by “Illuminating the path to behavioral success through Applied Behavior Analysis.”